Coping Skills Reinforce Learning and the Holiday Spirit for Children with Special Needs

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December 21, 2015


For Green Chimneys School students coping skills are a part of their everyday vernacular – and with good reason. Each month our clinical staff selects a particular skill to be incorporated into weekly group therapy sessions.

“Helping students understand the value of tools that they can put to work themselves is so important, especially for children struggling with anxiety, anger and depression,” explains school psychologist Dr. Eva Hecht. “And working on self-management and frustration tolerance in group sessions allows children to share experiences, practice what they’re learning and encourage one another in the process.”  

This month’s theme is generosity. Fourth through eighth graders on our Clearpool campus in Carmel, New York are participating in a series of activities that not only support skill development; they celebrate the spirit of the holidays. Students are:

  • creating holiday cards for specific staff members who have helped them
  • making lists of what they can give to others this holiday season as opposed to what they want
  • adding acts of kindness witnessed on campus to a generosity board

Generosity is one of several coping skills students have worked on over the last few months. Others include deep breathing, ways to take a break, visualization, relaxation and heartfulness, among many others.

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