Focus On 4H: Students Present Expertise at County Fair

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August 7, 2013


A genuine highlight of the Green Chimneys School year, the annual 4H Fair is a chance for students to develop in-depth knowledge, work together and present what they’ve learned to the larger community.

As part of their regular academic curriculum, classes develop collaborative science or research projects of their choice to exhibit at the Putnam County Fair held each July. Younger students also participate in small animal presentations and judging on campus in early spring, while older students prepare to show large animals in the livestock competition held at the fair. 

This year, 50 Green Chimneys students presented a full range of farm animals including cows, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas and miniature horses. The participants spent 4 months preparing for the nerve-wracking showmanship evaluation, which includes handling of the animal, knowledge of the breed, and its care. In the 2 weeks leading up to the fair weekend, students gave up their scheduled after school programs to practice together and make sure they were fully ready for their moment to shine. They even camped out with farm and recreation staff at the fairgrounds, waking up with the sun to ensure that our animals were fed and well taken care of!

Class projects also represented serious skills in research and presentation. Topics ranged from important historical events including the Civil War, Remembering the Holocaust, and Chuck Yeager’s groundbreaking flight; to studies of Ecosystems and Urban Communities; and concepts in sustainability such as Seed to Table and Recycling Plastic. Dynamic media projects featured a creative study of “dual photographs” and The Clearpool Compass, a newspaper by and for students at our Clearpool campus.     

In total, Green Chimneys students received countless blue and red ribbons and ultimately returned with 10 Grand Champion awards and 8 Reserve Grand Champion awards. Eight class projects were also invited for presentation at the New York State Fair taking place in Syracuse, NY August 23rd - September 3rd.

We can’t say enough about our students’ success but we are equally proud of the teachers, farm staff, interns and volunteers who help to make it all possible. Congratulations to all!

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