Green Chimneys School Garden Receives Extra Push from Students and Occupational Therapists

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October 12, 2015


When word spread throughout the Brewster campus that Green Chimneys is competing with other therapeutic gardens for funding from the National Garden Bureau, students rallied to help get the word out. With guidance from our occupational therapy team, students created small handouts, enough for each child to share with his or her family.

Projects like this are not only great examples of the spirit of Green Chimneys, they are also part of our students’ therapeutic experience. Creating handouts in occupational therapy sessions means that each step of the process is built with intention to support the child. Components like drafting a flyer on the computer allow students to develop typing skills and enhance focus while cutting each flyer helps build fine motor skills, and so on.

NEWS_Occupational-Therapy-2_oct-2015.jpg"These activities are functional in that they have a clear and meaningful purpose to our students. They aren't just another therapy session. Projects such as this one allow students to take pride in the end product as they distribute the handouts across campus," explains occupational therapist Rachael Chiulli.

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