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Green Chimneys Students are Learning, Earning, and Relating

March 18, 2018

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February 6, 2014


Since September Green Chimneys School student Joseph and farm intern Sarah have been meeting weekly as part of Joseph's Learn & Earn responsibilities. They tend to business at the farm, cleaning stalls and feeding animals, all the while instilling self-discipline, confidence, and life skills, and establishing a relationship between work (learn) and stipend/reward (earn).

NEWS_STUDENT-STORY-Learn-Earn-inside-pic_Feb-2014.jpgThe partnership allows Joseph the opportunity to teach Sarah all that he's learned about his farm favorite: the chickens. "When I first came here, I had never worked with chickens, and I wasn't so sure of them," explains Sarah. "But because of Joseph's love of chickens and desire to care for them, I had to overcome my hesitation." Joseph's remarkably calm and careful as he moves about the coop. He knows how to gently handle hens, shows affection toward them, and is never intimidated by their peck-ish ways. And his interest in animals doesn't stop there. Joseph's Learn & Earn experiences have kept him moving all over campus - from working at the Horse Barn to helping at the Wildlife Center. “I love all animals,” says Joseph. “I like taking care of them all.”

Exposure to different departments, staff members and responsibilities is merely one facet of the Learn & Earn program. At the core Green Chimneys is supporting our students’ abilities to cultivate healthy relationships and develop lifelong skills. For children with social and emotional behavioral issues, being able to empathize, control emotions, connect, and communicate can be challenging. Through an established routine of weekly one-on-one time with staff, children not only take ownership of caring for animals, they develop compassion for adults as well as animals.

When asked which Learn & Earn experience has been most exciting, Joseph beamed, "Here at the Teaching Barn, because of the chickens... and because of Sarah!"

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