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Green Chimneys Students Support the Plight of the Determined Chickadee in Winter

March 18, 2018

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January 22, 2016

As part of our nature-based approach to special education, Green Chimneys School students participate in a rotation of classes including farm science, horticulture, equine studies and more. And when it comes to winter and wildlife class, there’s one tradition that both students and teacher Melissa Robbins enjoy: supporting the superpowers of chickadees.


Chickadees, weighing as much as a few paperclips, survive night after night in below freezing temperatures whereas we humans would never stand a chance. Without a supply of nutritious food, the chickadees, among other birds, would not survive. 

The solution? In wildlife class, students make bird feeders which are later found dangling from trees all throughout campus. This allows feathered friends additional access to the food they need to combat the cold, especially when the ground becomes covered in snow. And students get excited to see birds visiting the feeders, knowing they are doing a tiny part to help local wildlife.


Swoop in and make a bird feeder of your very own – it’s a great winter activity for for the entire family!

Build Your Own Bird Feeder


Share photos of your own bird feeder creations by posting them to our Facebook page or by tweeting us using @GreenChimneys.

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