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Lambs Make Lasting Impression on Green Chimneys School Students

March 18, 2018

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January 12, 2016


One of six lambs recently born at Green Chimneys, this wooly babe is growing strong after a visit from the vet to help redirect the eyelashes on her left eye.

It’s been about two months since four pregnant sheep joined the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center as temporary residents. In mid-November we announced the special arrangement with a nearby farm and the arrival of the first pair of lambs (see initial story here). We’re delighted to report that our baby sheep population is now six! That leaves just one ewe left to give birth.

Supporting the health and development of these lambs is important during their stay. Because the mother sheep can be skittish, our animal experts have been solely responsible for care and monitor interactions daily. The lambs receive greetings and pets from our students as facilitated by staff. And students enjoy watching how big they’ve gotten since birth.

As a therapeutic day school steeped in nature-based education, providing students with special needs opportunities to be a part of new life, to study biology in class and on the farm, enhances learning. And witnessing the bond between mother and lamb is so very important too, especially for students who struggle with relating to others and interpreting nonverbal communications.

So whether it’s the farm science teacher utilizing this time for a lesson in lactation, or a clinician and student visiting the barn during a session, the presence of these wooly guests goes well beyond the oohs and aahs.

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