Students Enjoy a Healthy and Well-Rounded School Day

Students eat lunch with their classmates and teachers who model mealtime conversation.

A nutritious school lunch is provided in our Dining Hall each school day at no cost to Green Chimneys students. Low-fat milk is served with the meal and ice water is available at all tables. Nutritious, low calorie snack choices, including fruit, are offered to students at a time scheduled by the classroom teacher. Water is available throughout the school day and at meals and recess.

Students eat lunch with their classmates and teachers who model mealtime conversation and table manners with the class. Students are responsible for clearing their place and utilizing the recycling center for scraps, non-recyclable items.

Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated but require a health provider’s statement that clearly outlines the restriction, and should be discussed during the Admissions process.

A 30-minute recess break is written into classroom schedules. Most classes have recess after their lunch period unless a program is scheduled during that time. Teachers have the latitude to adjust the time as they deem appropriate. Areas are designated for basketball, football tossing, 4-square games, and swings and slides for group activities during recess. Classroom staff members are responsible for student safety at all times.

As a way to help students master class material and gain academic confidence, classroom teachers assign homework on most school days to reinforce and practice the material learned in class. Parents are encouraged to keep the communication lines open and inform teachers if their child has difficulty completing assignments at home.

Health & Wellness
Each Green Chimneys campus has a complete Health & Wellness Center staffed with a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse is also on-site in the School Nurse Office during school hours.

The school nurse administers first aid care and treatment, promotes health education, and provides nursing assessments, as well as annual vision and hearing screenings for eligible students. The nurse works collaboratively with parents/guardians, students, teachers and physicians to provide a healthy school environment for all.

Every effort is made by all members of the Green Chimneys community to reduce the spread of illness on campus by encouraging and modeling hand washing before and after meals, activities and contact with animals. Bathrooms are checked by staff after every use to ensure a hygienic atmosphere for the next user. Proper hand washing techniques are supervised if necessary. Hand sanitizers are available campus-wide.

During the school year, all eligible students have their vision and hearing tested by a school nurse. Parents/guardians will be notified if a child’s screening test results require further evaluation by a physician.

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