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Green Chimneys Students Showcase Their Talents at Brewster Art Gallery

March 18, 2018

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May 13, 2014


Who knew that Green Chimneys had its very own artists in residence? Genuine talents came to life at a gallery show hosted at the Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition's Studio Around The Corner in the Village of Brewster. Green Chimneys students worked closely with the therapeutic school’s art teacher and campus art therapist for several months, developing their artistic expression to create very personal works of art to be shared with the community. The fruits of their labor were presented in May at the local gallery for all to see.

While a gallery show is a unique opportunity for any student, this event was particularly meaningful to the students of Green Chimneys, who typically struggle with emotional and behavioral issues that can affect their communications, personal interactions, and overall self-expression.


“The students developed their ideas and worked during their usual class time, and some signed up for special evening sessions,” explained Green Chimneys Art Therapist Lena DeLeo. “All of the artwork is meant to show a bit of the artist’s identity, as this is their chance to share something they are proud of or something they love with, essentially, the world.”

The content choice was varied and completely up to the artist, with pieces inspired by a preferred material or medium, or a shared piece of the artist’s personality. Works submitted to the show included cityscapes, studies in perspective, self-portraits, handmade crafts, photography, sculptures, and even wearable art! The young artists expertly discussed their pieces with gallery guests, describing their techniques and creative intentions, making it a truly engaging evening.

The Green Chimneys School art program supports the creative process through teaching artistic skills, color and perspective, and the development of a personal point of view. Students are encouraged in self-expression and the use of various artistic media. Units are designed to familiarize students with well-known artists, art movements and the role of art in society.

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